Caledonia Community Schools will have half days sporadically throughout the school year. On
these days, we will be offering a sack lunch for students to take home with them. The cost is
the same as every other day at school.

You can choose for your child to receive a lunch every ½ day, or just fill out a slip each time. If
your child will be getting a sack lunch, please remind them day of. They can come to the lunch
room to grab it before leaving for the day.

You can get the form here.

Your child can receive a free breakfast and a free lunch at school.

We are changing up the times of our curbside meal service. Starting November 1, free meals will be available for all students 18 & younger, and 26 and under with special needs from 9:00 am – 9:30 am every Monday. This is available to all school meal programs and childcare institutions across the country to continue serving healthy meals for the 2021-2022 school year. 

If this time does not work out for your family, please contact our food service department at 616-891-0227 to schedule a time between 8 am and 3 pm (Monday-Friday) to pick up free meals for your family. All meals can be picked up at Duncan Lake Middle School near the Tennis Courts. Look for the white tent!

Free & Reduced

As many of you already know, this year breakfast and lunch has been free for ALL students because of the USDA grant!  While this is a great opportunity for our families, we know this will not always be the case. It is important that our district be able to accurately report what families qualify for Free/Reduced lunch.  Not only can it help families ease the burden of paying for school meals, but this data is also used in the following programs that help fund our schools. Below are some reasons why this is important:


  • In the event that the USDA grant runs out, filling out the application will ensure that qualified children continue to receive breakfast and lunch for free.
  • Building and district-level free and reduced lunch numbers are used by the Federal Government to determine “At Risk” funding which ultimately impacts staffing at Caledonia Community Schools.  Positions such as our Counselors, Reading Interventionists, Title I Paraprofessionals, Family Engagement Coordinator and more are often completely or at least partially funded and impacted by these dollars.
  • We submit our free and reduced numbers to the Federal Government in June and they use this information to determine our federal funding for the next school year.  This is why we still need families to fill out the application if they qualify, even though there has been free lunch all year. 


If your family has already filled out an application and been approved this school year, you don’t need to apply again. You can find the application on our website. Thank you in advance for taking the time to complete this application and help get our schools the funding we rely on to help our students.

Double Up Food Bucks program will match Bridge Card sales up to $20 a day a family shops at participating farmers markets in FREE Michigan Fruits and vegetables. For Double Up Food Bucks Markets 
For 35 area farms and orchards most offering the U-Pick value and a family farm and educational experience 
View the following PDF for more information DUFB Promo

Welcome to Caledonia Food Service!

How can we help you?

We’re glad you stopped by!  We are passionate about serving your child healthy, delicious meals to prepare them to learn in the classroom.  You can be confident when your child dines with us knowing our meals meet the high nutrition standards of the Healthy Hungry Free Kids Act.  Check out all the options available to your child here or on our My School Menus mobile app.

Healthy living is all about making healthy choices.  We’ve provided numerous resources for students, parents and educators to have all the tools for healthy eating and daily exercise.  Let us know if we can help you on your journey toward a healthy lifestyle.


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